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Updated: 2022 10/25

Table of content

These Terms of Use regulate the use of the Platform provided by Loopfront.

Unless explicitly defined otherwise in these Terms of Use, all capitalized words shall have the same meaning as set forth in the Loopfront General Terms (link).

An "Authorized User" of a Company is any natural person, such as an employee, business partner, contractor or representative of the Company, who is registered or is given authorization by the Company to use the Platform pursuant to the Terms of Use, including both Administrators and general users. An Authorized User is hereinafter also referred to as "you” and “your”.

By placing an Order, registering a Customer Account or User Account, accessing or using the Platform, inviting or granting an Authorized User access to the Platform, you agree to these Terms of Use. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Terms of Use.

Other rights and obligations in connection with the use of the Platform may be found in Loopfront's Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy forms an integral part of the Terms of Use: (link).

Contact Information
For any questions regarding the Service, you may contact Loopfront at:


Authorized Users may communicate and interact with other Authorized Users through the Platform. The communication may take place internally within their own organization or externally with Authorized Users from other companies.

The Company is a direct customer of Loopfront and is represented by the Administrator. The Administrator may freely choose whether the Platform only shall be used internally as a mapping -and interaction tool upon the use of an Internal Listings within its own company organization, or whether the Platform also shall be used externally through the use of an Advertisement.

By using the Platform externally, third parties within the market of circular economy (for example architects, contractors, construction consultants and industrial-, public-, and private organizations) are given the opportunity to view, reserve and acquire the Materials.

These Terms of Use apply to the use of the Platform both internally and externally, however certain provisions only apply to external use and Advertisements.

By changing the relevant settings in the Customer Account, the Administrator may choose to protect the Company against third parties being able to see the Company’s Materials and/or the Company’s customer relationship with Loopfront from being used in connection with Loopfront’s marketing.


The content of the Platform is partly controlled through Authorized Users uploading information about materials to the Platform. For example, this may include information regarding furnishings, fixtures and various building materials that are reusable or that are left over from building projects, demolition of buildings/facilities etc. (the "Materials").

Information about the Materials may be shared:
(i) externally in an advertisement ("Advertisement") for the purpose of carrying out an external purchase and sale of the Materials; or

(ii) internally between Authorized Users in the Company through an internal listing ("Internal Listing") for the purpose of mapping the Materials and facilitating the reuse of the Materials internally within the Company.

Loopfront or Loopfront's partners supplement information about the Materials with technical information about the Materials, EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) and manufacturer information etc. ("Technical Information").

The platform also contains information and reports on the companies' financial savings and environmental benefits, such as cuts in CO2 emission and construction waste ("Reports").


3.1 The Materials and Information about Price

All information regarding the Materials belongs to either (i) the Authorized User, or (ii) the Company and/or a third party that the Company represents and/or has a contractual relationship with.

Upon completing a transaction through the Platform, cf. section 4.3, the ownership rights to the Materials and associated information about the Materials is also transferred.

When uploading information about the Materials that are to be shared externally in an Advertisement, you must, to the best of your ability, state the real market price of the Materials (taking into consideration normal wear and tear), as well as real prices for disassembly, shipping, transport, and storage. The prices shall be stated exclusive of VAT, but VAT shall be made visible in a separate field.

The price information may be used by Loopfront when calculating savings from reusing rather than buying new materials. If you are unsure of what price to expect for the Materials, disassembly, shipping, transport, storage etc., you shall leave the relevant price field empty.

If the stated price is not real, Loopfront has the right to remove the Advertisement.

3.2 Other content of the Platform

All other content beyond what is mentioned in section 3.1 that you are granted access to, been shown or have had demonstrated through the Platform is exclusively owned by Loopfront, including but not limited to all Technical Information, the mapping tool and Reports.

As an Authorized User, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to use the content of the Platform in accordance with the Terms of Use. No other rights are granted or transferred to the Platform and its content beyond what is expressly stated in the Terms of Use.

If an Advertisement or Internal Listing is deleted and removed from the Platform, the Materials listed in the relevant Advertisement or Internal Listing will not be included in the Reports prepared by Loopfront.


4.1 Customer Account, User Account and Administrator

To use the Platform, a Customer Account must be created. A Customer Account may only be created on behalf of a business/company. In connection with testing new or amended features in the Platform, Loopfront may offer a Customer Account for free or at a discounted price for a limited time period. A Customer Account contains the features included in the selected Subscription Plan.

A Customer Account must be set up by a Customer Account-administrator ("Administrator") designated by the Company or another Administrator. The Administrator may add Authorized Users to the Company's Customer Account. The Administrator identifies new Authorized Users by adding the email addresses of each Authorized User. The Authorized User must be over 18 years of age to use the Platform. The access rights and settings of a User Account are determined by the Administrator.

The Administrator is responsible for the management of the Customer Account.

The Administrator is responsible for adding or removing Authorized Users connected to the Customer Account. 
The Administrator may not access the User Account of any other Authorized Users or Administrators if they have not shared this with the Administrator directly. The Administrator may access activity logs in connection with the Customer Account, including a log of user activity.

Authorized Users may only view the Materials they have been granted access to. Access to the Materials is determined based on the role the Administrator has assigned to the Authorized User. As a default setting, new Authorized Users are granted access to all Materials uploaded to the Platform by Authorized Users from the same Company-organization as the new Authorized User. The Administrator from a Company controls whether external Authorized Users shall have access to Company’s Materials, cf. section 1 and 2.

The Authorized Users are jointly and severally responsible to ensure that the information uploaded and registered on the Platform associated with the Customer Account and User Accounts is complete, correct and up to date. The Authorized Users are responsible for having access to the email address used in connection with the registration of a User Account.

Usernames and passwords are private and shall not be shared with others. Each Authorized User is responsible for ensuring that usernames and passwords are adequately secured and kept secret.

As an Authorized User, you accept that Loopfront is not responsible for the Administrator's actions in connection with a Customer Account. As an Administrator, you accept that Loopfront is not responsible for the actions of any Authorized User in connection with a Customer Account or User Account, or any information from external cloud services.

4.2 Acceptable use

The Platform shall only be used in accordance with the Terms of Use, applicable legislation and public orders.

The Platform shall not be used in a way that violates the rights of others; provides unauthorized access to or disrupts any service, device, data, user, or network; spams or distributes malicious software that may damage or reduce the quality of the Platform or make it difficult for others to use the Platform.

The Platform shall only be used for commercial purposes, and only on the Authorized User's own behalf. Authorized Users shall refrain from using price and time estimates and other competition sensitive information for their own commercial use. Authorized Users do not have the right to use distinguishing features, logos, etc. presented via the Platform. Authorized Users shall not remove, obscure or alter any notes/warnings displayed in or in connection with the Platform.

Any information regarding Loopfront's business model, strategy, prices and technical solutions is Confidential Information and shall not be made available to third parties.

By using the Platform, you agree, for whatever purpose, not to perform or participate in any form of hacking, manipulation, modification or alteration of the Platform or parts thereof, and you shall not:

(i) modify, adapt or translate the content of the Platform;

(ii) tamper with, reverse engineer, modify, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to extract Confidential Information from the Platform;

(iii) copy, reproduce, disclose, distribute, sell, license, loan, assign or otherwise exploit or transfer the Platform or the content of the Platform to third parties;

(iv) allow Authorized Users to share passwords and usernames with third parties;

(v) scan and/or test the vulnerability of the Platform or breach, disable, circumvent, remove, or damage any authentication or security measures or other technical restrictions of the Platform;

(vi) remove or destroy any proprietary notices or markings, license keys or security features placed on or in the Platform;

(vii) violate applicable laws or regulations when using the Platform, or upload, make available and/or share information that (a) violate the rights of third parties, including but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights or privacy rights of third parties, or (b) contains false, fraudulent, illegal, harmful and/or defamatory material.

4.3 Transactions through the Platform

All transactions related to Materials uploaded to the Platform and shared externally through an Advertisement shall be made and concluded via the Platform.

Loopfront is not responsible for and is not a party to any agreement that an Authorized User enters into through the Platform. Loopfront shall not be portrayed or regarded as the Authorized User's proxy, broker, agent or similar.

If an Authorized User, now or later, wishes to enter into an agreement for the purchase and sale of Materials with any person the Authorized User has become aware of through external use of the Platform, such agreement may only be entered into through the use of the Platform. In the event of inquiries from an Authorized User wishing to carry out a sale/purchase of Materials, the Authorized User must be referred to the Platform.

The Authorized User shall immediately notify Loopfront if he/her or any other person violate the obligations in this section 4.3. 

4.4 Violation of the Terms of Use

All unauthorized use of the Platform in violation of the Terms of Use shall immediately be reported to Loopfront in writing

Loopfront reserves the right to block the access to and the use of the Platform, exclude an Authorized User from the Platform and/or terminate a Customer Account or User Account if an Authorized User, in Loopfront's opinion, violates the Terms of Use.


The Administrator shall ensure the payment of remuneration for use of the Service on behalf of the Company, in line with the applicable Subscription Plan. Loopfront will send an invoice to the Administrator when a subscription is created or renewed. The Administrator may choose to subscribe to a monthly or annual Subscription Plan. No payments are refundable. When downgrading the Subscription Plan, the Administrator will be invoiced with a new subscription price after the subscription period for the current Subscription Plan has expired.

As remuneration to Loopfront for external use of the Platform, Loopfront is entitled to a commission on realized sales that are mediated through the Platform. The commission is calculated from the amount that is the higher of (i) the real value of the Materials as stated in the Advertisement or (ii) the achieved sales price.

In the event of a breach of the obligations in section 4.3 regarding the purchase and sale of the Materials outside the Platform, Loopfront is entitled to compensation for lost commission, as well as the right to demand a penalty fee.


We continuously work to improve the Platform and to develop new functions. Loopfront may from time to time need to update the Terms of Use in order to accurately reflect the service offered on the Platform. Unless otherwise required by law, Loopfront will publish all changes to the Terms of Use on its website, as well as notify the Administrator. The updated Terms of Use apply immediately, and you will be bound by them if you continue to use the Platform.

Loopfront hopes that you will continue to use the Platform, but if you do not accept the updated Terms of Use, you may delete your User Account at any time.

Loopfront reserves the right to change the prices for ongoing subscriptions. We will notify the Administrator via e-mail of the new prices, no later than 30 days before the price changes are implemented.


An Authorized User may at any time cancel their use of the Platform. A user cancellation does not affect the current price of the Subscription Plan.


As the owner of the Platform, Loopfront has the right to assign, transfer, sell, rent or lend out the Platform to any third party at any time. The Administrator will be notified by e-mail no later than 3 days before the transfer of the Platform.