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Our team

We have employees across Norway, Sweden, Ireland and Germany. A team of talented and dedicated people, that everyday work towards protecting the world's natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the construction industry.
Loopfront provides a cloud-based web application that facilitates reuse, repair, redesign and recycling material.

Loopfront provides a cloud-based web application that facilitates reuse, repair, redesign and recycling of building materials, fixtures and furniture.


Arild Nilsen, CEO Loopfront

Arild Nilsen


More than 30 years experience working with technology companies and online marketplaces.

"Think before you buy something new!"

+47 922 303 00

Taru Limnell Holm, Chief Commercial Officer Loopfront

Taru Holm

Chief Commercial Officer

More than 15 years of experience from leadership roles, sales, marketing and business operations from Atea, Microsoft and Elkjøp.

''Dream big but start small, learn and collaborate!''

+47 924 962 77

Nina Svendsen Kvannli, CAO/CFO Loopfront

Nina Svendsen Kvannli


More than 20 years experience as CFO and CAO, the last 14 years in Startups, among others 11 years in Signicat from the early stage of the company.

"Let all employees get ownership to, and proudness of, the companies sustainability."

+47 970 635 51

Håkon Groven, Chief Technology Officer  Loopfront

Håkon Groven

Chief Technology Officer

Executive Manager with more than 20 years experience in commercial and strategic planning, SaaS start-up, Product Management, Software Development, IT Infrastructure and IT Operations. Experience in leading co-located and multi-site/multi-team setups of 10+ teams.

"Start with registering the re-usable things that you don't need anymore, in Loopfront."

+47 907 200 65

Michael Anthony Curtis, Chief Circularity Officer Loopfront

Michael Anthony Curtis

Founder & Chief Circularity Officer

MSc. Sustainable Architecture. 10+ years experience. Advisor Environment and Energy. Strategic advisor 1BNOK projects.

Anna Forsberg, Country Manager Sweden

Anna Forsberg

Country Manager Sweden

More than 25 years of experience from the building and real estate sector with a specialization in sustainability both from a Swedish, Nordic and European perspective.

"Start to look into second hand products and clothing - there is really good quality on second hand products out on the market."

+46 730 73 72 24

Dirk Wagener, Germany

Dirk Wagener

Country manager Germany (External consultant)

20 + years management experience (Nemetschek, Skype, Cornelsen).

Supports municipalities, property developer and corporations transition towards a circular economy.

Commercial team

Vladislav Kazanskiy, Head of Partnership

Vladislav Kazanskiy

Head of Partnerships

Knut Sverre Westby, Sales Norway

Knut Sverre Westby

Sales Norway

Anna Forsberg, Country Manager Sweden

Anna Forsberg

Sales Sweden

Dirk Wagener, Schneh GmbH Germany

Dirk Wagener

Consultant (external), Germany

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