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Reuse made easy and profitable

Loopfront is a digital platform developed by specialists which makes it possible to obtain an overview of reusable resources. The platform is designed to contribute to all stages of the value chain. Loopfront provides new life to furniture, fixtures and building materials through re-use within your organization or externally.
Loopfront provides a cloud-based web application that facilitates reuse, repair, redesign and recycling material.

Key features in the platform

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Resource overview

Full overview of all available resources ranging from building materials to furniture. See if others have any products you need, and reserve them to your locations.
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Invite users from your organization or other collaborators to get an overview of available resources for their projects.


Get live reports on savings for CO2 , waste and economy. See how your oranization is working towards your sustainability goals.
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Product passport

Obtain an overview of all information and documentation relating to each individual product that may be suitable for reuse.
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Solutions for logistics and processes related to surveying, storage, order-flows and planning reuse.
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Plan demolition, renovation and building management. Simplified coordination of disassembly, storage, transport, and more.

How does the platform help your organization?


User-friendly navigation and interface


Save money by reusing your resources or sell them to others


Reduce the time you spend on surveying and coordination


Reduce CO² emissions and waste by reusing resources


Collaborate with others in the value chain


Real-time reports on environment and economy

Reuse management

Plan your transition to circular economy

Value chains

Follow material flows across organizations and industries

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