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Key features of the platform

Resource management
Resource management

Full overview of all available resources ranging from building materials to furniture. Manage inventory and materials in storage or at locations.


Invite users from your organization or other collaborators to get an overview of available resources for their projects.

Circular data insights
Circular data insights

Get live reports on savings for CO2 , waste and economy. See how your oranization is working towards your sustainability goals.

Reusability Survey
Reusability Survey

Survey materials and obtain an overview of all information and documentation relating to each individual material that may be suitable for reuse.


Aquire materials on both an internal and external marketplace for projects. Excess materials can also be placed on these marketplaces for reuse.

Material Tracking
Material Tracking

Using QR and Floor plan placement, discover more information about a material and also where specific materials are currently located.


Why should we start early with reuse surveying?

Whether it concerns a building project, rehabilitation or relocation of offices, it is appropriate to start as early as possible with surveying. Loopfront offers tools for surveying building materials, furniture, fixtures and other equipment.


The earlier you have acquired an overview, the better time you have to plan and decide what you want to do with your products. Assess whether something needs upgrading, processing, dismantling, recertification or intermediate storing before it is reused. The longer in advance an architect, interior designer or contractor can decide on a design- or material choice, the greater the chance that the need can be met by resources already available, and the need for intermediate storage can be minimised.


When you have an overview of what can be reused internally in your own projects, you quickly find out what you don't need yourself, and what products you need to obtain. Surpluses can be made available to others on the Loopfront Marketplace to reduce waste, while alternatives to new purchases can be found to ensure further savings in costs and CO2.

What is the difference between using a reuse platform such as Loopfront rather than a spreadsheet or text document for working with reuse?

When using static documents, you are dependent on manually processing information and constantly sending updated versions to collaborators. In Loopfront, you get an overview of all surveyed resources and all updated information is available at all times to everyone involved in the projects. With Loopfront, you save time on the processes after surveying, and the platform is designed for efficient work with reuse between different projects.

Loopfront also provides a visual overview by taking pictures of the products during surveying. Loopfront can also provide suggestions for filling in data fields for several product categories using image recognition. Loopfront guides you through the registration with defined fields that cover relevant information for surveying furniture and fixtures, as well as separate fields for building materials that are part of requirements for reuse surveying in TEK17 and BREEAM.

The status of availability, location, condition and orders can be easily updated in the platform. Loopfront also shows achieved savings in costs, CO2 and waste from reuse registered in the platform.

Where do we start the reuse process with Loopfront?

Projects - If your organisation has a specific project (e.g. demolition, rehabilitation or relocation) begin by surveying materials with potential for reuse in Loopfront. You can use your own personnel or external professionals to carry out the surveying. Give the project team access to Loopfront to plan what can be reused where.

Operation - If you have one or more storage areas (basement storage rooms etc...), you can start by surveying these areas to get an overview of what is available for reuse.

Also survey locations with planned changes that could make items available in the future. You can list items that are currently available or future available items in the marketplace to make them visible to others who can reuse them.

How can we budget for reuse and Loopfront?

The surveying time varies depending on how many different products are in the locations. After surveying a specific type of product, it will be quicker to add more of the same product after. With Loopfront, you can identify which products provide the greatest economic benefit when reused.

Furniture and fixtures: Based on the experience of our partners in First Mover Group, they estimate half an hour of surveying per office space. This means between NOK 360-400 per office space for surveying furniture and fixtures with a high level of detail.

Building materials: Our customer Trondheim Municipality estimates surveying costs at
NOK 100-500 / m2, with savings of approx. NOK 700-4700 / m2.

Does Loopfront offer other services beyond the reuse platform?

In addition to the platform itself, Loopfront offers onboarding and consulting for organisations for how to use Loopfront and structuring internal processes for successful reuse. We have gathered many insights through our customers and are happy to share their experiences for success.

Loopfront also has a growing network of partners who offer a range of circular services for our customers. Among these services are advising, testing, surveying, redesign, moving, transport and reporting.

Do you have any questions or want to know more about our partner program? Contact Loopfront's Head of Partnerships:

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