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How it works

Hvordan det fungerer

Get an overview of what you have and where


With Loopfront, you can easily register resources in your organisation, everything from building materials to furniture and other equipment with potential for reuse.

Loopfront's surveying tool can be used to get an overview in i.e office relocation projects, property management and maintenance, as well as construction projects.


Get value from of reuse


Find what you need, either within your organisation or on Loopfront's Marketplace, and achieve savings in finances, waste and Co2.

Avoid throwing away valuable products that can be reused internally in your organisation or by other organisations

Get reports on the effect of reuse


Reuse with Loopfront gives you an overview of your organisation's savings in purchasing costs, waste and Co2.

Get updated reports and see the effect of circular activities that can contribute to achieving sustainability goals.


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Get help from a circular advisor and find out how Loopfront can help your organization achieve their goals.

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