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Save money by using what you already have

...while reducing CO₂ emissions and waste.


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Loopfront provides a cloud-based web application that facilitates reuse, repair, redesign and recycling material.

Loopfront provides a cloud-based web application that facilitates reuse, repair, redesign and recycling of building materials, fixtures and furniture.

A circular collaboration platform that meets your unique needs

Planners and engineers






Real Estate holding companies and Property Managers


Public sector and


"A reuse database, like Loopfront, is the most important tool in this respect. It makes it possible for owners of building materials to find stakeholders who are willing to accept used materials in new projects."
Eirik Rudi Wærner
Eirik Rudi Wærner
Environmental Advisor, Multiconsult
"With the help of Loopfront we have surveyed all available materials, including what we have in storage, so that these materials can be used in other locations. Additionally we get to make the results of our reuse visible."
Anja Østerli
Anja Østerli
Leader Reuseproject, Asker kommune
"My impression of Loopfront is that works as a good tool for organising and making internal materials visible. The software is intuitive and easy to use."
Jennifer Lamsom
Energy- and Environmental Advisor, Höegh Eiendom AS
"We have gained very positive experience even though we are in the starting pit, and we have used the platform on several major projects. We see that reuse means that we can challenge ourselves to become more creative. For example, you can make a big difference just by replacing parts of a floor or painting wall fronts. During the first couple of months, we have already mapped almost 10,000 materials."
Anette Vinje
Circular Project Manager, EC Dahls Eiendom

Why Use Loopfront?

Market Uncertainty

Market Uncertainty@2x

Utilizing existing material resources is a predictable and price effective alternative during unpredictable times.


BREEAM-NOR v.60@2x

Loopfront makes it easier to obtain BREEAM-NOR v6.0 certification, opening the door to green finance, EU taxonomy compliance, and makes your properties more attractive to tenants.

EU Taxonomy

EU Taxonomy@2x

Frameworks such as The EU's taxonomy, the EU's Green Deal and KS / SSB's taxonomy provide great guidelines. Loopfront makes it easer to meet the requirements in practice.

Green Finance

Green Finance@2x

Getting certified with green building certs. opens the door to green finance and more favorable loans. Loopfront makes this process faster, easier and more cost effective.

Sustainability Proficiency

Sustainability Competence@2x

Transitioning into a circular economy can be confusing and complicated. Loopfront's experienced circular advisors have the knowledge to meet your specific needs and demands.

Financial Savings

Financial Savings@2x

Lower your costs, reduce waste and get an overview of what you have in stock before you acquire something new. Utilize building materials, inventory, furniture and more.

Climate Goals

Climate Goals@2x

Loopfronts surveying- and collaboration platform makes it easier to achieve local, national and international climate goals. Circulary both a benefit for the environment and for your budget.

Reduce Waste

Reduce Waste@2x

Large-scale property management generates a lot of waste. Making waste out of perfectly usable goods is a thing of the past. It's harmful to the environment AND costs money to handle.

How it Works

Our Experts Help You Every Step of the Way to a Circular Economy

Our experienced circular advisors help you easily transition into the circular economy. Looking at your organization's specific needs and requirements, they will help you set it up.


Register What You Have

A quick and easy way to map out what you already have and what can be reused. Loopfront's unique surveying tool allows you to take inventory of a lot more materials and products in a lot less time.


Organize Your Products and Materials

Save time and money by checking what you have before you acquire something new. Reserve the items you want to ensure they don't get allocated to another project or purpose. Loopfront's material overview gives you a full overview of all of your organization's furniture, interior and building material that can be reused.


Access Important Product Information

Check if the product or building material you need meets the requirements. Loopfront provides a "material passport" for every product. It includes specifications and documentation that makes it easy to know if it's suitable for your needs.

Product Info@2x

Invite Other Contributors in Your Value Chain

To make your projects run more efficiently, grant platform access to contractors, architects and other collaborators. Loopfront makes information sharing easier and faster by allowing you to share your information with who you want.


Generate Reports to Show Financial and Environmental Savings

Get automatically generated reports of your financial savings, reduction inCO2 emissions and waste. These can be used internally, for investors, for ESG reorting, to apply for green loans and more. Loopfront helps you derive statistics and reports showing savings from your operations


Instantly Know Exactly How Much CO2 you save

For every material and product added to the platform, you can see how much CO2 you've saved. This can help with certification requirements from BREEAM-NOR or the EU taxonomy. Loopfront's experts help you every step of the way towards your organization's circular goals.


Some of our customers

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