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About Loopfront

Loopfront was established by architects from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in close dialogue with property owners and the building industry.

Our Goal is to reduce global material waste and stop the  continious extraction of natural resources.

Over 40% of all waste, CO2 emissions and use of energy and water resources in Europe come from the construction industry.

Construction waste is one of the biggest pollution problems in Europe, and we want to do something about it. The industry itself experiences that there are many challenges associated with the reuse of building materials, including technical, legal and financial.

Loopfront is a collaboration platform that removes these barriers and makes reuse easy.

We have developed a platform that helps to reuse building materials and furniture or recycles these into secondary raw materials. The platform simplifies and ensures cooperation between players in real estate, construction and civil engineering.

From waste to resource

Loopfront takes care of reuse from A to Z, and helps you to map, interact, document and report all available materials for recycling, reuse and sale.

Through Loopfront you get:

  • Access to Norway's largest circular platform for building materials and fixtures.
  • Reports and circular options for the materials.
  • Access to non-binding testing of own circular processes.
  • Training in circular economy.
  • Decision basis for possible savings - financial cost, waste and CO2.
  • Up to 50% savings when reusing furniture.
  • 10-15% savings when reusing or recycling building materials.

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