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Reuse of building materials and interiors – easy and profitable


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Europe's first circular platform for the reuse of materials


The digital platform takes care of the entire process - from Reuse Survey and documentation, to collaboration, logistics and reporting.

In accordance with the Paris Agreement and the EU Green Deal, emissions must be reduced significantly by 2030. Organizations, projects and procurement, public and private, have established their own environmental targets. Maybe your organization does not have specific goals yet but you want to start with circular activities and learning.

Loopfront makes it easy to move to a circular economy. Loopfront is a circular economy, put in a system.

Value chain


Materials suitable for reuse can be reserved for new internal projects or shared with other organizations in your region. Waste management companies and industry will follow material flows that can be recycled.


With new technology and surveying tools developed by industry specialists, you can get an overview in a few days instead of months.

With reuse, recycling and sale of used building materials and interiors, we create new life and new values. Our digital platform is designed to contribute to all stages of the value chain. Together with our customers and partners, we close the circle and turn waste into resources.

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What does the platform do for your business??


User friendly navigation and interface


Save money, avoid buying new

Time saving

Surveying and coordinating in half of the time

Environmentally friendly

Save CO2 and waste with reuse

Easy collaboration

Cooperate with others across the value chain


Live reports on climate and financial savings

Value chain integrations

Follow material streams across the industries


Logistical Optimisation 

Efficient planning

Circualr management

Planned transition to circular economy

Nøkkelfunksjoner i plattformen

Quick overview

Get a full overview of all available building materials and interiors. See if others have materials you need, and reserve materials for use in other projects.

Better collaboration

Contribute with and share information, reuse, design and recycling suggestions.

Make reports

Overview of savings: economic, CO2 and waste. Find out where you are in relation to sustainability goals.

Material passport

Keep track of all documentation related to each individual material to increase the likelihood of its further use in the future.

Simplifying and automation

We help you find solutions for circular economy. Storage, surveying, transport, disassembly and recycling of materials are tasks and processes that the platform can help with.


Plan for efficient progress, such as demolition, renovation or just daily operations. Reduce coordination problems with, among other things, disassembly, storage, transport and recycling.


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  • Registration tool
  • Material bank
  • Reservation system
  • QR code
  • Material passport
  • Circular report


50GB 20 000kvm 25 users

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per month

  • Registration tool
  • Material bank
  • Reservation system
  • QR code
  • Material passport
  • Circular report


100GB 50 000kvm ∞ users

8250 kr

per month

  • Includes all Starter plan features +
  • Internal storage 
  • Circular report per project
  • User support


++GB ∞ kvm ∞ users


per month

  • Includes all Starter plan features +
  • Log system for user activity
  • Log system materials
  • User support (plus)
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